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CANON-All About Canon 
Want to know more about Canon?
Canon is a Japanese multinational company, it is specialized in imaging and optical products manufacturing. Canon has a listing on the TOKYO STOCK EXCHANGE, and it is also the constituent of the TOPIX index.  Canon has the tenth largest company in the Japan by the measurement of the capitalization. 

List of canon product  
As we know that Canon is a multinational company and it has number of products like 
Compact digital camera 
Film SLR and DSLR camera 
Video camcorders 
Digital visual solutions 

The business solution division offers numbers of the printer which is multifunctional, like black and white, color office printers, large format printers, color production printers which may be black and white, as well as its need supported software to support these products.  Canon products also include medical, ophthalmic x-ray device including, optical and broadcast products, semiconductors, broad cast lens, digital microfilm scanner and head terminals.  

Digital cameras 

The first canon digital camera is RC-701, the RC series is followed by the digital IXUS series and PowerShot of digital cameras.  One another invention of the camera by canon is DSLR which develop the series of EOS which has the high speed, professional model. 

Digital Copiers 

Copier is the largest division in terms of revenue multifunction. Canon distributes home office and its consumer image class line through retail outlets and professional grade image for the runner series and independent distributors.  


From the starting canon has the principle for the maker of the print engines found in the industry standard for lasers printers.  The first laser writer laser printer made by the hp is used by the Canon LBP-CX engine.  The next one is LBP-SX, the latest one is LBP-LX, LBP-EX, LBP-PX  engines and there are also many other Canon print engines. 

Flash units 

For DSLR cameras canon produces a high range of the flash unit, including the 270EX, 430EX, 320EX, 580EX and 580EX II speed elites canon also produce Macro twin lite and the macro ring lite including macro flash unit. 

Canon has a number of the scanner of wide range like a flatbed scanner, documents scanner and film scanners for business and home use including the latest printer of canon like canon can scan 8800f. 


V-10 and V-20 are the canon first computer MSX model. Both are introduced as the minimum range of the MSX with no features, the V-20 was receiving data from T90 canon camera and data memory back T90 expansion. 

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