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Dell- Frequently Asked Questions

Help is always here if you have some confusions or want to ask random questions related to your Dell laptop system

You can find here the answers you are looking for our frequently asked questions. Some of the most frequently asked questions are described her for your info- 

1.      What should you do if have a fraudulent charge on Dell business credit account? 
If you find that the Dell business credit account for your business is opened without your business or authorization, kindly report the identify the theft of fraud to the help center and submit an identity theft claim to protect your business. 

2.      How can account number be obtained for Dell business credit account? 
A 19-digit account number can be found on your monthly statement or you can also get it by logging into your online account at 

3.      How can pin number be reset for Dell business credit account? 
To reset your pin, you can log in to your online account. For additional help, you can contact the dell financial services customer service team. 

4.      How can orders be changed? 
For it, you should contact your dell inc. a sales representative at the provided on your contacts to make any changes to your pending order. 

5.      When is the first payment due for Dell business credit account? 
After your entire order is shipped, your first payment is due approximately 30 days. Your first payment will be automatically deducted from your banking account if you have signed up for the AutoPay plan. Unless you will have been notified otherwise. 

6.      Can you make a payment online? 
For Dell business credit and dell business lease, online payment is offered only. To gain more information about it, you can click here  Dell Tech Support  

7.      Is there a minimum payment required for the Dell business credit account? 
Of course yes, minimum monthly payments are required. Monthly payments are 3% of your new balance shown on your billing statement, which is great. For a financing promotion, if your purchase qualified it requires minimum monthly payments that may not be paid off your purchase in full by end of the promotional period. 

8.      Where can users contact DFS Customer Service? 
If you need further assistance or have additional queries, you can contact us for an instant support and service. We provide here every new and latest service and assistance of dell.  Dell Customer Support